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We are currently in production! Check out our Discord for regular updates.

The clockcap exists of multiple 3D printed and CNC milled parts. We have tested for a couple months and we are happy to say that we are almost there. The clockcap has 7 individual parts. We have added a small mechanism so the clock does actually work! For updates follow our discord and instagram.

Clockcap progress

Sold out

Clock Cap

Sold out

Clock Cap


Dear customer,


The clock cap will be available at May 15th 2022 at 12:00 PM CEST (75 pcs) and 20:00 PM CEST (50 pcs). Note that there will only be 125 pieces available and that you are restricted to buying only 2 pieces max! 


What is included?

- The clock cap
- A manual how to replace the battry
- Milestone path rewards
- Real working clock mechanism
- Authentification card
- Awesome stickers


Please fill in all the fields to make sure you order is succesfull. If you did not fill in the fields we will contact you. If you have questions about your order or quesions in general please contact us.


Expected shipping: Q4 2022


For info about the cap please refer to our info page. Colors can be found below.

Clock Cap color configurator