The bears

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Item number: #0001


- Cherry MX standard

- Resin printed

- Hand painted

- Limited made

Warning: the keycaps are made of clear UV resin. They may let light pass through them. The light is tested on the steelseries apex pro. We do not recommend using the artisan on the apex pro because of the light blocking parts of the stem. For pictures click here.

This keycap is custom made by KeyCapCustoms. The model is 3D printed and hand painted. The materials that are used can be found here. The keycap is no toy so keep away from kids. There will only be a limited number of bears made. Every bear has an unique number. Shipping could take a couple weeks depending on your location. Every cap is handpainted and unique. We try to make every keycap of the quality standard we are going for. If you don't agree with the quality of the keycap, send an e-mail to