Clock Cap V2

Welcome / Welcome back to the Clock Cap project! A few years ago I did the Clock Cap project where I made a 100 Clock Caps. After this I have refined the design of the old Clock Cap and learned how to cast using resin! Now its time for the second Clock Cap version made by KeyCapCustoms. I will post updates on this page in the upcoming months. Thanks for reading this page!

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The old design of the original Clock Cap was a big step in the keycap community. A clock inside a keycap has never been done! After endless iterations and prototypes it was finally done. However, why stop there. The old Clock Cap was a printed and painted cap but why not make a resin casted one? So thats where it starts. Currently I am working hard on making a resin casted Clock Cap.

Just like last time the Clockcap is made out of multiple parts.

1. The base of the keycap. This is the main part of the keycap. This part will be mounted on the keyboard and as made from resin.

2. The top part of the keycap is made from resin and mainly servers as covering up the dial and the mechanism.

3. The mechanism is the miyota 5r21 just like in the old Clock Cap. The mechanism has an hour and minute hand and is made by famous company miyota.

4. The dial of the cap will be made from 0.4 mm stainless steel. This will be coated and painted.

5. The glass of the cap will be made out of acrylic.

Note: the hands of the cap are not yet available, these might be made from stainless steel but I'm still looking for options.

Note: The know of the cap is not yet available, I am looking into methods of making a good fitting knob.


To make the new Clock Cap there are a couple of moulds made. The first mould is the base mould. Here I have used the zbutt system to make my moulds. The second mould will be for the top part. Here I have remodeled the zbutt mould so I can easily make the top part of the cap.

First tests

Since I started working on the new Clock Cap not so long ago I am still in the prototyping phase. This means that I need to know if people are interested in buying a Clock Cap. Please let me know if you are interested in buying a Clock Cap. I have already made the first test moulds which are a proof of concept. Here is the top part mounted on the base, this will be a tight fit to keep them together. The base mould needs some more modifications. Updates will be given in the discord.

Thank you for filling in the poll. My friend Mujimanic is making a metal version of the Clock Cap, check out his discord!