Maybe the most important part of the keycap is the STEM. That is why we try to improve our STEM every time. We have made a mixture to make the stem slightly flexibel. This way it won't break when placing it on the switch!


MX STEM render by keycapcustoms

The size and shape of the STEM of a keycap depends on the type of switch that someone is using. Our keycaps are made for the Cherry MX switch which means we use the MX STEM. This STEM type is recognizable by the cross in the middle of the STEM. The size of the cross is 1.17 mm. Because we print our STEM seperately and because we have a 50 micron precision printer, we get a perfect cross size. This means that the keycap will fit perfectly on the switch. We have made a mixture of resins to make the STEM flexible. This makes sure the STEM won't break if it is placed on a switch. For information about STEM replacement e-mail or send a discord message. Information can be found here. If you want to know how we attach the STEM to the keycap, look at the article here. We also have an option to add an extra STEM to your order in case a STEM gets damaged over time. All STEM's are tested on a MX tester.