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The groupbuy is done!

Shipping done!

The clockcap exists of multiple 3D printed and CNC milled parts. We have tested for a couple months and we are happy to say that we are finally have a finished product. The clockcap has 7 individual parts. We have added a small watch mechanism so the clock does actually work! For updates follow our discord and instagram.

How it works

Before you start ordering your clockcap there are a coupld things you should know.

We have designed the clockcap to be customizable. The cap is 3D printed because of the high tolerances of the parts. We paint the parts after printing. If you want to know more about our production process refer to this page. There will be four parts to customize! Explaination of the parts can be found below.

  1. The first part that can be customized is the plate of the keycap. There will be an option to add your custom name to the plate! You can choose the color of the plate and the print on the plate. The colors will be available later.
  2. The second part that can be customized is the base. The base can be colored to your preference.
  3. The third part or parts are the hands of the clock. You could color the hands of the clock to your preference.
  4. The fourth and last part of the cap that can be customized is the knob of the mechanism. You could color this to your preference. If there are alot of people wanting a custom knob there might be and option to add a custom shape to it.

If you have picked your colors you can proceed to the checkout. Note that there will be a maximum amount of 2 clocks per person. We will be offering 5 gold clockcaps for the first people to get them. If they are out of stock they won't come back unless milestone 2 is reached. Check out the mileston path below.



The glass of the cap. This part is made of 1 mm thick acrylic. The glass protects the hands and plate of the clock.

② The hands of the clock. There are two hand indicating the time. The small hand indicates the hour and the large hand indicates the minute.

The plate of the clock has all the minutes and hours of the clock on it. There could be a custom name added to the plate. The keycapcustoms logo and brand name are on the plate.

The watch mechanism is made by the company Miyota. The mechanism runs on a battery which should be replaced every 4 years.

The knob of the mechanism makes it easy to set the time for the clock.

The base of the clock fits all the parts. There will be a stem implented on the bottom side of the base. To learn about our stems read this article!


Clockcap milestone path

Hey everybody! We have added a mileston path to give you an extra reward if a certain amount of clockcaps is pre-ordered! At 25 clocks sold we will add an extra sticker to your package! At 50 clocks sold there will be three more gold clocks added to the sale! These will be raffled. At the big amount of 100 clocks sold there will be a special watchcase added. If the huge amount of 125 clocks is pre-ordered we will design a new blank keycap that will be added to everybody's packages!

Plate designs

We are going to make different plate designs to you liking! Some examples are:

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