Raffle terms

1. Random Number Generated (RNG) sale where you have the chance to win an invoice for the keycap of your choice.

2. Submissions are put in a Random Number Generator with every selection providing you an opportunity to win. If you are lucky enough to be selected a key is added to your invoice. If your name is not chosen, you will not receive an invoice.

3. Invoices are generated for winners and sent through e-mail with a 24-hour expiration period. DO NOT ENTER IF THERE IS A CHANCE YOU WILL NOT PAY. Do not request more keys than prepared to pay for. Once dispersed invoice will not be altered only canceled.
Failure to pay will results in banning from future sales.

4. Domestic and international shipping orders will ship as soon as possible.

5. You can only send 1 application per raffle.

6. Good luck!

How it works

If you are one of the lucky winners you will get an e-mail within 24 hours. This e-mails contains a link to a locked webpage. This is the page where you can buy the artisankeycap. You will get a password in the e-mail to unlock the webpage. If you have payed your artisan will be shipped to you as soon as possible! Oh and don't miss out on our coupons if you are going to get more colorvariations of the artisan! This can save you up to 30 euro's! Coupons can be found here.