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 More raffles coming soon!

More raffles coming soon! Subscribe to our newsletter or folow our instagram to be the first to know about new raffles! We also restocked some of our other alpacaps, check them out here.

Sold out does not mean that the cap is sold out!

How it works

For very limited edition keycaps we will arrange a raffle. This will give everybody a fair change of getting the keycap they want. We will announce a raffle 24 hours before opening on our instagram. We will pick random winners from the participants list. Fill in the form to participate in the raffle! 


psst: Check out the raffle schedule on this page.

Raffle pictures

We always want to improve our service so if you have any tips to improve our raffles please leave a message! Thank you! (This is not the raffle form)

Raffle schedule

Item: Quantity: Date: Status:
Gold alpaca 1 2-8-2021 Ended
Rainbow alpaca 10 7-8-2021 Ended
Copper alpaca 10 17-8-2021 Ended
Lavender alpaca 15 28-8-2021 Ended
Silver alpaca 10 9-9-2021 Ended
Azure alpaca 10 28-9-2021 Ended
Count-Alpaca 15 10-10-21 Ended
Emerald Navy alpacap 10 26-11-21 Ended
Xmas Alpacap 15 15-12-21 Ended!
Cherubs Max 10 of each 16-4-2022 Soon!